In a tech market where plain designs are de rigueur, licensed brands stand out from the crowd

As we specialise in selling licensed and fashion brands I am often asked, what are the key benefits in taking branded products over their own label cousins? I thought outlining some of the key advantages would help clarify this:

Stand Out From the Crowd
In a tech market where plain designs are de rigueur, licensed brands stand out from the crowd and draw customers into the retailer’s fixtures. In a time poor world you have seconds to impress a customer and a colourful or fun range will get a second look and help increase the chances of a consumer spending more time browsing the category and making a purchase.

Appeal to All the Family
Often when you shop its important to cater for the interests of all the family. Retailers want to engage everyone so having variety is key. My own example comes from personal experience, my son is often dragging the family away from “boring” fixtures and a nagging child can be a good motivation to move on. To combat this, a display including a fun Hello Kitty, Turtles & Accessorize tablet cover will maintain the interest of the whole family and lead to incremental purchases.

Generate a Bigger Return
Licensed brands do command a higher RRP and therefore generate a higher value of revenue per SKU than unbranded for the retailer. Consumers will generally pay more for branded as they inspire trust and confidence that comes with brand name recognition. In the case of Monsoon, the brand is seen as luxurious and premium and consumers are therefore prepared to pay a higher price point.

Branded Sells at Christmas
A colourful, fun or designer licensed product is a much better gift than a plain alternative. This means at Christmas, or other key gifting times, licensed products sell at a higher run rate. This can mean extra revenue even in non-traditional gifting areas.

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