In 2017 Lazerbuilt began working closely with Electronics retailer, Maplin. Maplin has 218 stores within the UK and specializes in technology, gadgets and toys and hobbies. After connecting with Maplin, we developed a range of products that would capture their customer’s imagination. Maplin was looking for fun, exciting items that would brighten up the store and add interest.

Key to this was our collection of Star Wars Tech accessories. The power of the Star Wars brand coupled with well-designed and specified tech products was a winning combination. Initially, Maplin trialled a collection of products on a free standing display unit (FSDU) to see how they performed and after some encouraging run rates, our items were brought into their main range of products.

Our Star Wars Themed FSDU

Licenses like Star Wars have been proven to increase footfall, drive incremental sales and encourage linked sales.

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