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It started with a man and a phone.



Lazerbuilt is a UK based company with over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of accessories. We like to think our products have a little something extra that sets them apart - we think of this as the 'cherry on top'... Accessories are a bit like cake. You have the sponge: the good, faithful plain Accessories. There’s a lot of this sponge as it’s a big slice of the market, and it’s great, but it’s not all that exciting. Then you have the icing. This part of the market just like the cake is a little more inspiring. It’s colourful, but we’re talking just plain, solid colours. Then you reach the pinnacle, the crowning glory of the cake that is the cherry. It’s small but perfectly formed, the finishing touch; it’s the extra special bit. In the world of Accessories, Lazerbuilt makes the cherry. Our products are niche, exciting and full of personality.

David Madden

Managing Director

Lazerbuilt is a market leader in Tech, Travel and Car accessories throughout Europe with particular strength in Licensed brands. Constantly evolving to anticipate and fulfil market needs, we think our work speaks for itself.



We offer a wide range of car accessories for families on the move. This includes Fragrance, sunshades, car belt covers, car seat tablet organisers, car signs and many other items.
We offer headphones, earphones, and speakers for many of our top brands. We design and develop these for travel with attention to durability, ease of use and quality. We build these attributes into all our audio products.
Seen as we started in home telephones it is no surprise we have a large range of mobile products available. From universal options to clip and diary covers for a range of devices and even innovative 2-in-1 style cases for the best of both worlds.
With tablets having experienced huge growth in popularity over the last few years, our offering for tablet protection has also blossomed. Whilst creating a range of device specific cases, we also recognised that with so many models on the market, you may want to reduce your stock risk by having a universal solution so created our patent pending Universal Grip System which easily adjusts to fit many models on the market without losing the protective benefits of a folio style hardcover.
Power currently makes up 40% of the accessories market - so it's an essential for your accessory range. Lazerbuilt offers portable power banks, cables, and wall chargers with reliability and safety built in.
More and more young families are moving around seeing friends and relatives, taking holidays and generally traveling. We want to be part of their journeys. We offer a range of Travel Pillows, Eye masks, passport holders and luggage tags delivering comfort and fun for families on the move.
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    David Madden Managing Director

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    Andrew Byatt Product and Marketing Director

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    Lauren Madden Sales Director

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    Lulu Hines Marketing Communications Executive

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